Store Your Vehicle

Don't forget to Winterize as well when you store your boat, ATV, etc. Winterizing is the single most important maintenance duty that you will have to perform as a owner. If done correctly, little work is needed to get ready come springtime. Proper winterization also extends the life of the engine, boat, etc. by protecting its components from freezing, corrosion and lying idle for long periods.

Boats and Pontoons
Indoor Storage $28 per ft - includes winterization
Outdoor Storage $20 per sq ft - includes winterization and shrink wrapping
Winterize Only Outboards $69.95 Tune ups include carb cleaning, $125 plus parts
Inboard/Outboards 149.95 Tune up Boats $150 plus parts
I/O Tune ups, $250 plus parts
Winterize Service PWCs
2 Stroke 109.95 per engine
4 Stroke 109.95 per engine
Jet Sport Boats - includes service
2 Stroke 119.95 per engine
4 Stroke 129.95 per engine
Storage Condo

Store and Winterize EZ Access - Your Space - 12 Months Available

Silver 1 PWC 5x10 295.00 - includes winterization
Gold - Till April 1st 2 PWCs 10X10 535.00 - includes winterization
Trailer Outside 12 Months - Add 210.00
Platinum Pkg 2 PWCs Inc Trailer 995.00 - includes winterization
General Storage Rates
5x10 30.00 5% discount on 3 months in advance
10x10 45.00 10% discount on 6 months in advance
10x20 75.00
10x30 90.00 12 months Advance Get 13th month Free
10x40 140.00